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Welding, Fabrication, Repair, and More




Sleeping Giant Inc. is proud to offer the following services to our clients. There’s no job too big or too small for us, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for; give us a call and we’ll figure out how to get your job done best in the way possible. If you can get us a picture of your project, we can complete it! Contact us to discuss your project here. You can see examples of our work in our GALLERY


Welding - MIG, TIG, and STICK Welding

We work on all types of metal and metal projects. Our most common jobs include aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

MIG Welding is quite popular. We use MIG Welding for many projects. MIG Welding uses “metal inert gas” also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) to join metal together. A MIG Welding machine uses a direct current to melt the two pieces of metal together, which joins the two pieces into one metal object. This is used for mild steel projects like stainless steel, aluminum, hard surfacing, and general fabrication.



We have many methods of cutting to ensure we get your work done in the best way possible.

These methods include: CNC, manual plasma, oxy/fuel, air carbon arc gouging, shear, sheet cutting saw, band sawing, and more.

CNC plasma design and cutting

Sleeping Giant Inc. uses CNC plasma design and cutting to create custom signs for our clients, 3-D yard and garden art, structural tabs and brackets, timber frame truss plates, and more. 


Hole Making

Our Methods include: ironworkers' punches, magnetic drill/annular cutters, drill press, CNC plasma cutting and more.


Forming and Bending

Our methods include: press brake, square and round tube bending, tube and strap roller, dimple dies, etc.


Heavy Equipment Repairs and Fabrication

Our methods include: AR plate upgrades, cutting edge fabrication and replacement, etc.

Heavy equipment repair is a huge part of what we do! We know that you work hard, and that your equipment must be up for the job, too. When equipment breaks it can cost you time and money. This is why we offer heavy equipment repair both in our shop, and mobile repair! We’ll come to your location with our high tech mobile welding, repair and fabrication shop. This insures we can get your heavy equipment repaired as quickly as possible, getting you back on track.


Our services include oil, epoxy, and water-based industrial enamels, powder coating, engineered oxidized rust finish, and galvanization.
Most finishes will be applied over sandblasted metal and primed if necessary.


Mobilization and installation

All orders can be delivered to your site and installed per specification.


Dirt work, hauling, and firewood

We offer skid steer services, and we have an 8x16 dump trailer available, too. Seasoned firewood is available for delivery with pre-order.


Mobile services

Most of our welding, repair, and fabrication services are can be completed at YOUR location with our mobile repair shop! The mobile repair shop allows us to get your work done in the most convenient way possible. Sometimes, it can be difficult to transport items to our shop because they’re large or fixed to the ground. This is why we created our mobile repair shop. Because in your time of need, Sleeping Giant Inc. Welding, Fabrication, Repair, and More is there for you!

Contact us today to schedule your mobile repair job.

Popular Services

Handrails are one of our most popular services. Handrails are custom welded to match the décor of your home or property. We weld handrails in both interior and exterior settings. The handrail work is absolutely stunning and adds character to any home. Custom welded handrails are the ideal safety feature because they are sturdy, stylish and secure.

Heavy Equipment Repair is also one of our most popular services. You can read more about this above.

Some Examples of our Work: 

Heavy Equipment Repair and Fabrication:

• Bulldozers
• Loaders
• Dump Trucks
• Skid steers and attachments
• Excavators
• And many more!

Heavy Equipment Bucket Repairs

Farm Implement Repair:

• Tractors
• Trailers
• Plows
• Discs
• Head Catches
• And many more!

Farm Implement Repairs

Metal Fabrication:
• Handrails
• Access Solutions
• Decorative timber frame (truss) connection plates and gussets
• Egress window covers
• Tube Bending
• Bring your personal projects to life!

Metal Fabrication - Handrail

Metal Art:
• Custom signs
• Address plaques
• Gates
• Rail panels
• 3D Art
• Candlesticks

Metal Art - Big Metal Bug

If you can get us a picture of it, we can do it!